Wisycom MCR42 & MTP40S Kit

Wisycom's MCR42S Receiver and MTP40S  Transmitter Kit provides a tuneable bandwidth of up to 232 MHz. This kit features the new Linear (intermod free) MTP40s Transmitters. This allows the Wisycom MCR42S and MTP40S kit to be used in multiple locations around the world in an ever decreasing available spectrum!

Raycom is a distributor of pro audio products and systems for the Broadcast, film and Live industries. Technical ability and a strong sense of customer service is core to the companies’ principals. Through its 30 year history of supplying the UK and European markets Raycom has always considered a high level of customer support and long term after care service as pivotal. Guidance in product choice and a full repair service is offered by the company to ensure our customers are delivered practical solutions they can rely on. Our latest venture, created to supply the demands of Australia and New Zealand, will continue to maintain this important policy.

Wisycom is a developer  and manufacturer of professional RF solutions who use many years of experience, extreme technical competence and high levels of flexibility to produce world class products to their customers exacting requirements. In addition to long standing activity across Europe and the Americas Wisycom, via Raycom Pacific, can now boast a fully supported presence in Sydney to serve Australia and New Zealand.