Wisycom SRE300


SRE300 is a slim aesthetical mechanical/electronic adapter that allows using SHURE® microphone heads (type Beta 58/87/KSM9) with Wisycom handheld transmitters MTH30x/MTH40x.
Small profile 11 mm.

Mechanical and Electrical compatible with Replacement Cartridge Wireless Microphone Model:

  • RPW110 PG58 (dynamic)

  • RPW112 SM58 (dynamic)

  • RPW114 SM86 (condenser)

  • RPW116 SM87A (condenser)

  • RPW118 BETA 58A (dynamic)

  • RPW120 BETA 87A (condenser)

  • RPW122 BETA 87C (condenser)

  • RPW 180 KSM9 (champagne, condenser)

  • RPW184 KSM9 (black, condenser)

Through its 30 year history of supplying innovative audio products to the film, broadcast and live sound markets Raycom has always considered a high level of customer support and long term after care service as pivotal. Guidance in product choice and a full repair service is offered by the company to ensure our customers are delivered practical solutions they can rely on.

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